Dinitrogen Trioxide

Dinitrogen Trioxide (N2O3) is a deep-blue solid compound. It is formed upon mixing equal parts of nitrogen dioxide and nitric oxide and cooling the mixture below – 21℃.

Structure and Formula

The chemical formula for Dinitrogen Trioxide N2O3. Its structure is as follows,

The N-N bond has length 186pm. The molecule is planar and exhibits Cs symmetry.

Properties of Dinitrogen Trioxide

Now, let’s move on to the discussion of properties of this compound which implies physical properties and chemical properties.

Physical Properties

The compound has the following physical properties,

AppearanceDeep blue
State of matterGaseous state
SolubilitySoluble in water, ether
Melting point-100.7℃
Boiling point3.5℃

Chemical Properties

The chemical compound has the following chemical properties,

  • Chemical formula – N2O3
  • Molar mass – 96.01 g/mol
  • Density – 1.783 g/cm3 (gas), 1.4g/cm3 (liquid)

Production of Dinitrogen Trioxide

The chemical compound can be produced by mixing equal parts nitric oxide and nitrogen dioxide and then cooling this mixture below – 21℃.

NO + NO2 → N2O3

Applications of Dinitrogen Trioxide

  • N2O3 is used in special-purpose fuels.
  • It is a powerful oxidizer, and if combined with other chemical compounds, it can be used as an oxidizing agent.
  • It finds applications in the chemical industry, such as in making dyes, nylon, etc.


  • The chemical compound, N2O3 is highly toxic.
  • It may explode if heated.
  • It causes fatal effects if it comes in contact with skin, or inhaled and can also cause severe eye damage and skin burns.


What is the formula for dinitrogen trioxide?

The chemical formula of the coumpound is N2O3.

Is dinitrogen trioxide a covalent or ionic compound?

It is a covalent compound.

Is N2O3 acidic or basic?

It is acidic in nature.

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