Barium Bromide

Barium bromide (BaBr2) is an important chemical compound due to its use in the synthesis of various chemicals. It is toxic when dissolved in water.

This is a white crystalline compound and is deliquescent in nature. It acts as a simple salt when dissolved in water and reacts with various reagents accordingly. 

Structure and Formula 

The chemical formula of barium bromide is BaBr2. It is also called barium(+2) dibromide and is the anhydrous form of the compound. There is also a hydrous form of the compound named barium bromide dihydrate, BaBr2.2H2O which actually crystallises and can be heated at 120°C to produce anhydrous form of the compound.

The crystals of this compound are white orthorhombic and deliquescent with the lead chloride motif. The nature of chemical bonds in this compound is clearly ionic due to its behaviour as a simple salt when dissolved in water.

Structure of Barium Bromide


Now, let’s move on to the discussion of properties of this compound which implies physical properties and chemical properties.

Physical Properties

Barium Bromide Molar mass297.14 g/mol
AppearanceWhite crystalline solid
Density4.78 g/cm3(anhydrous); 3.58 g/cm3(dihydrate)
Melting point857°C
Boiling point1835°C
Barium Bromide Solubility92.2 g/100 ml (0°C) (water)

Chemical Properties

It reacts with chemicals like oxalic acid, hydrofluoric acid, sulfate salts and phosphoric acid and gives their respective precipitates barium oxalate, barium fluoride, barium sulfate and barium phosphate.

For example,

BaBr2(aq) + SO4+2 (aq) -> BaSO4 (s) + 2Br (aq)


This compound BaBr2 is prepared by the reaction of barium sulfide or barium carbonate with hydrobromic acid.

BaS + 2HBr -> BaBr2 + H2S

BaCO3 + 2HBr -> BaBr2 + CO2 + H2On

BaBr2 crystals are formed from the concentrated solution of barium bromide dihydrate. 

Applications of Barium Bromide

  1. The compound is used in the production of chemicals, used in photography.
  2. It is also used in the production of many other bromides.
  3. It was once used in the purification of radium through the method of fractional distillation.
  4. This compound is also used in the production of many phosphors


When dissolved in water it becomes toxic. Swallowing barium bromide can cause severe poisoning like paralysis. It can cause bromism that affects the central nervous system. May cause eye and skin irritation when exposed to it. Inhalation of high concentration can cause suffocation. 

Wash eyes or skin continuously and thoroughly for at least 15 min. When inhaled, immediately take out to open air. Medical aid is must even after any of these measures. 


What is the formula for barium bromide?

The chemical formula for barium bromide is BaBr2.

What are the effects of ingestion of barium bromide?

This compound when ingested causes nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea. It can also cause kidney, liver and spleen damage.

Why does barium bromide never occur in its pure form in nature?

It never occurs in its pure form in nature because of its high reactivity with air. It even combines with chemicals like carbon, sulfur or oxygen to produce various barium compounds.

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