Triple Integral Calculator

Triple integral calculator is a free online calculator by ProtonsTalk used to calculate the definite triple integral of the given function.

About Triple Integral Calculator

Coming to the details of this calculator


The following are the inputs of the calculator

  1. The function which need to be integrated three times.
  2. The order of integration
  3. The range of x,y,z for which the integration need to be done.


Following are the steps to use the calculator.

  1. Enter the function with x, y,z as variables in f(x,y,z) text area.
  2. Select the order of integration
  3. Enter the ranges of x,y,z in the respective text areas.
  4. Click on calculate to get the output.


Following are the outputs of the calculator

  1. The triple integral representation of the function.
  2. The value of the integral.

What is Triple Integral?

Triple integrals are not too different from single or double integral, it is basically triple iterated integral on a three-variable function. The integral is calculated depending on the order and how the notation is set up.

For example in the below integral, the order is dxdydz, thus it is integrated first on x then y then z.

The iterated integrals are performed from innermost to outermost.

Triple integrals are used to find the volume like the double integrals. But it also calculates the mass, when the volume of the region has the variable density.

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