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The General Antiderivative Calculator is a free online application that displays a function’s antiderivative. The online antiderivative calculator tool from Protontalk speeds up the calculation and displays the integrated value in a matter of seconds.

About Calculator

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Input 1. In the input field, type the function.

How to use

1: In the input field, type the function.
2: To acquire the antiderivative, click the “SUBMIT” option.
3: In the new window, the antiderivative of a chosen function will be displayed.


The output of the antiderivative calculator with steps are as under:

  1. Input Information.
  2. Solution of the antiderivative
  3. Detailed overview with integrals


Integration is the mathematical term for the process of determining a function’s antiderivative. It is the reversal of the differentiation process. A function can have several antiderivatives, each of which is a function with the arbitrary constant “C.” It is the main part of indefinite integrals.

The fundamental theorem of calculus ties the concepts of differentiating and integrating functions together. Antiderivatives are frequently used to calculate the area under curves.  

∫ f (x) dx is the antiderivative of the function f(x) with respect to the variable x.

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