Definite Integral Calculator

This definite integral calculator is a free online tool to evaluate the value of a definite integral of a function.

It displays the result of indefinite integral, a graphical representation (for understanding) and it also shows the antiderivative of the function so that you understand the solution. You can use this calculator to make your mathematical calculations easy and faster.

How To Use The Calculator?

1. Enter the function to integrate in integrate column.
2. Enter the variable of integration in the column with placeholder “x”.
3. Enter from and to values of the definite integral.
4. Click on the Submit button
5. You will get the value of definite integral, a graphical representation and the indefinite integral i.e antiderivative as well.

What is a Definite Integral?

Definite integral graphical representation
Definite Integral (Source)

The definite integral of a function f(x) in x between limits a and b is basically the area between f(x), x=a, x=b and the coordinate axes.

If the indefinite integral of f(x) is F(x) then definite integral is F(b) – F(a).

Hope this definite integral calculator helps you in the calculations. Comment your experience with the calculator below.

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Difference between the Definite and Indefinite Integral

Definite Integral has the upper and the lower limits which give the area under the curve of the given function as mentioned from the lower to the upper limit. It does not have the constant of integration.

Indefinite integral does not have the upper and the lower limit, and it gives a general solution to the differential equations. It has a constant of integration which gives the general form of integration.

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