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The Interval Notation Calculator is a free online application that shows the number line for the specified interval. The online interval notation calculator tool from protontalk speeds up the calculation and shows the number line and inequality form in a matter of seconds.

About Calculator

The following are some details about the calculator.


Input 1. In the input field, type the interval (closed or open interval)

How to Use

1: Fill in the input fields with the interval (closed or open interval).
2: To acquire the result, click the “Calculate” button.
3: Finally, in the new window, the number line for the specified period will be displayed.


The output of the Interval Notation Calculator are as under:

  1. Input Information.
  2. Properties of the input and inequality form of the input.
  3. Number line diagram of the input.

Interval ?

An interval is a set of real numbers that lies between two numbers in mathematics. The following are three popular approaches for representing intervals:

  1. Method of Interval Notation
  2. Method of Inequalities
  3. Number Line Method

The starting and ending numbers will be expressed by brackets in the interval notation method. Square brackets and round brackets are the two types of brackets available. The end values are included if the interval is enclosed in square brackets. The end values are not included if the interval is given in round brackets.

Example: (8, 13] It means the value from 8 to 13, where 8 is not included and 13 is included.

If a circle is filled in a number line representation, it indicates that the final value is included. The final value is not included if a circle is an open circle. This calculator converts interval notation into the number line as well.

Inequalities, such as greater than, less than, greater than or equal to, less than or equal to, can also be used to describe intervals. The Interval notation calculator gives the inequality form of intervals as well.

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How do you write in interval notation?

Interval notation is one of the methods used to write subsets of the real number line.
In this notation, [-3, 1] is a closed interval and includes the endpoints i.e {x | −3≤x≤1}.
Then (-3, 1) is an open interval that does not include its endpoints i.e {x | −3<x<1}.
We can also have half-opened and half-closed intervals i.e (3, 4] which is basically {x | 3<x≤4}

Can you do interval notation on a calculator?

Yes, we can do interval notation on a calculator wherein we can convert interval notation into number line notation and inequality notation.

What does the U mean in interval notation?

U in the interval notation means Union

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