Linear Programming Calculator

The Linear Programming Calculator is a free online tool that shows the best optimal solution for the constraints you provide. This online linear programming calculator tool by Protonstalk speeds up computations and especially presents the best optimal solution for the provided objective functions with the system of linear constraints in a matter of seconds.

About The Calculator


  1. Maximize or Minimize
  2. Objective function
  3. Subject to functions

Steps To Use

1: Firstly, provide the objective function and constraints in their respective input fields.
2: Thereafter, click on “Submit” to get the appropriate solution.
3: Accordingly, an optimum solution will be provided.


  1. Input interpretation:
  2. Global maximum:
  3. Colour plot
  4. 3D plot

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What is Linear Programming

This technique’s main goal is to identify variable values that maximize or minimize the given objective function. Additionally, with a system of linear constraints, linear programming is the best optimization strategy for finding the optimum solution for a given objective function. Moreover, the quantity to be optimised is defined by the objective function, and the range is defined by the constraints.

There are four main components of linear programing. They are

  1. Objective Function
  2. Constraints
  3. Data and
  4. Decision Variables

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