Fraction Calculator

Fraction Calculator is an online tool that can compute different arithmetic expressions of two fractions. This tool from Protonstalk can help you by speedy calculation of difficult fraction arithmetic.

How to Use the Fraction Calculator?


Here are the required inputs of the calculator:

  1. First fraction
  2. Symbol of the arithmetic to be performed
  3. Second fraction

Steps to Use

Fraction Calculator with steps as follows:

  1. Fill in the appropriate input fields with fractions and the arithmetic operator.
  2. Now, click the “Submit” button to see the results.
  3. Finally, in the new window, the result of the fractional arithmetic operation will be displayed.


Here are the outputs of the calculator:

  1. Shows inputs as a proper expression
  2. The result in fraction form
  3. The result in decimal form.

About Fractions

Taking a general definition, a fraction (simple, common or vulgar fraction) is a rational number of the form p/q where p and q are integers with q≠0. In here p is called numerator and q is the denominator.

In the formal representation, the numerator and denomination are separated by a fraction bar. The fraction bar can be horizontal, oblique, or diagonal.

These simple fractions are further classified into proper and improper fractions:

  1. Proper Fractions: The fraction is called proper if the numerator p is less than the denominator q.
  2. Improper Fractions: The fraction is called improper if the numerator p is greater than the denominator q.

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We can perform various arithmetic operations on fractions just like any other number.

Following are the direct formulas to perform these operations on fractions

+ : (x/y) + (u/v) = (xv + yu)/yv

– : (a/y) – (u/v) = (xv – uy)/yv

* : (x/y) . (u/v) = xu/vy

/ : (x/y) / (u/v) = xv/uy

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