Derivative Calculator

Derivative calculator is a tool for calculating a particular order derivative of a given function. Protonstalk online derivative calculator tool helps you find a functions’ first to tenth order derivatives in a matter of seconds and makes your work easier and faster.

About Derivative Calculator


Following are the inputs of the calculator

  1. The order of derivative to be calculated.
  2. The function for which we need to calculate the derivative.


Usage of Derivative Calculator with steps is as follows

  1. Enter the function into the input field and select the order of derivatives.
  2. Now, click the “Calculate” button to obtain the derivative.
  3. In the new window, the derivative of the given function will be displayed.


Following are the outputs of the calculator

  1. The derivative representation and the derivative of the function

What is the Derivative of a Function?

The derivative is a fundamental concept in calculus. Finding the derivative is called differentiation A function’s derivative describes the rate of change of that function at a given point.

We represent a derivative function as:

dx denotes an infinitesimal change in the variable “x.” Thus, dy/dx represents the derivative of the “y” with respect to the variable “x.”


What are first-order and second-order derivatives?
Differentiating a function once gives its first-order derivative whereas differentiating twice gives its second-order derivative.

In terms of the graph, the slope of the given function at a point is represented graphically by the first-order derivative. The second-order derivative explains how the slope of the given function changes over the independent variable.

What is the derivative of zero?

In differentiation, we know the basic rule that the derivative of any constant is zero, so, obviously, the derivative of zero is also zero itself.

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