Equation Calculator

Equation Calculator is a free online tool that can solve a given equation for a given variable. Protonstalk Equation Calculator is one such handy and helpful tool to compute equations faster and easier.

About Equation Calculator


Following are the inputs of the calculator.

  1. Equation
  2. Variable for which equation is to be solved

Steps to use

Step 1: Enter the equation and the variable you want to solve the equation for in the respective text field.
Step 2: Click on the “calculate” button to compute the value.
Step 3: The required answer with a graph will be displayed in a new window.


Following are the outputs of the calculator

  1. Input interpretation
  2. Results
  3. Root Plot i.e a graph of the equation showing the roots as intersecting points on x-axis


An equation is a statement that states the equality of two expressions that are connected by the equals sign “=”. Simply, an equation is written as two operands connected by an operator (“=”). Solving any equation involves determining which values of the variables make the equality true.

Types of Equations

There are a lot of types of equations, some of them are

  • Linear Equation
  • Quadratic Equation
  • Cubic equations
  • Polynomial Equation
  • Functional Equation
  • Parametric Equation and so on.


Question: Solve x2 +4x – 5 = 0

Solution: Given equation, x2 +4x – 5 = 0

Splitting the x term so that we can factorise it.
x2 + 5x – x – 5 = 0

Factorising the equation
x(x + 5) – 1(x+5) = 0

Now we know that either x-1 should be 0 or x+5 should be
(x-1)(x+5) =0

So, x -1 = 0 or x + 5 = 0
=> x = 1 or x = -5

So the solution is x = 1 or -5

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