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Limit Calculator is a free online tool to calculate the limit of a function. Protonstalk Limit Calculator is a handy tool that makes computing limit values easier and faster.

About Limit Calculator


The inputs of the calculator are:

  1. Limit function
  2. Value of x


Step 1: Enter the expression and the limit value.
Step 2: Click “submit” to get the limit value of the function.
Step 3: The result of the function gets displayed in the new window.


  1. Limit value

Limit of a function

Let f(x) be any function with input x then, it has a limit L at an input p if f(x) gets closer and closer to L as x moves closer and closer to p. In general, a limit is a point or value which a function can approach progressively until it is as close to it as desired.

General form : \(\lim_{x \rightarrow a}f(x)=L\) ,if a is any real number.


Consider an example : \(\lim_{x \rightarrow 5}(2x^{2}-5x+6)\)

\(\Rightarrow 2(5^{2})-5(5)+6\)

\( \lim_{x \rightarrow 5}(2x^{2}-5x+6)\)=51


What is the limit of a function?

The limit of a function at a point a in its domain (if it exists) is the value that the function approaches as its argument approaches. a.

Can 0 be a limit?

Yes, 0 can be a limit, just like with any other real number. Limit is not restricted to a real number also it can be complex too also.

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