Lateral Inversion

Lateral Inversion is basically the reversal of left and right. For example, when the letter b is laterally reversed, it forms the letter d. (more or less). It is commonly known that a plane mirror creates an apparent laterally inverted image of things.

What Is Meant By Lateral Inversion

When a flat mirror is placed in front of an item, the left side of the image seems to be the right side of the object, and the right side of the image appears to be the left side of the image. This causes an object’s sides to change, and the mirror images are known as laterally inverted.

Some Examples

Here are a few examples which show laterally inverted objects and images.

Lateral Inversion of Letter D
Laterally inverted letter D (Source)
Lateral Inversion of Human
Laterally Inverted Human (Source)


What is lateral inversion?

Lateral Inversion is basically the reversal of the left and right of an object in its image.

Is lateral inversion possible in water?

Yes, the surface of the water behaves as a mirror. As a result, the image formed by light reflection on the water’s surface is laterally inverted.

Does the curved mirror show lateral inversion?

Yes, curved mirrors also show this phenomenon but there can be cases wherein specific types of curved mirrors might not show lateral inversion.

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