Radius of Convergence Calculator

The Radius of Convergence Calculator is a tool that can help in calculating convergence point for a given series. This radius of convergence power series calculator tool helps you by fast calculation of the radius of convergence and saves your time from cumbersome calculations.

About The Calculator

Procedure To Use

The procedure to use the radius of convergence calculator is as follows:

  • Enter the function in the function field
  • Enter the variable in the field after from
  • And then Enter the range in the two fields after “=”.
  • Now click the button “Calculate” to get the output


The convergence point for the given series will be displayed in the new window

What Does Radius of Convergence Mean?

We know that at some point, the power series will converge at its Centre of convergence. The radius of convergence is the distance between the centre of convergence and the other end of the interval when the power series converges on some interval.

The ratio test can be used to calculate the radius of convergence of a power series. The best test to determine convergence is the ratio test, which teaches to locate the limit. If the limit is less than 1, this test predicts the convergence point.

FAQs on Radius of Convergence

What is the Radius of Convergence?

The radius of convergence denoted by R is basically the largest number so that a series is guaranteed to converge within the interval between c – R and c + R (where c is the center of the series).

Can the radius of convergence be negative?

No, the radius of convergence can never be less than zero.

What is the ratio test for convergence?

According to the ratio test, if L=1, the series is convergent, and if L>1, the series is divergent. Because it meets both convergent and divergent conditions, tes is inclusive when L=1.

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