Aryan Thakur

I’m Aryan Thakur, studying IMSc Mathematical Sciences (2nd year) at College for integrated studies, University Of Hyderabad.


The cytoplasm is jelly-like semi-fluid, containing the cytoplasmic matrix, cell organelles, and cell inclusions. The cytoplasmic matrix (the cytosol) is a crystal-colloidal complex comprising 90% water. Matrix contains various biomolecules, …

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Ribosomes are giant macromolecule in the cytoplasm which are responsible for protein synthesis. They are not bound by a membrane. They have a length of 200-340 A, a diameter of …

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Lysosomes are organelles enclosed by a single impermeable membrane and contain hydrolytic (digestive) enzymes in the form of granules which can be crystalline or semicrystalline. They contain hydrolytic enzymes like …

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Mitochondrion (pl. Mitochondria) is a double membranous organelle in cells of aerobic eukaryotic organisms.  Popularly known as the “Powerhouse of the Cell”, it produces ATP by oxidative phosphorylation. This process …

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