Types of Fractions

Fractions are the terms used to determine the parts of a whole object and there are many types of fractions to know. For example, let us consider a circle divided into 4 part, so each part is represented as \(\frac{1}{4}^{th}\) of the circle.

In this case  “1” is the numerator and “4” is the denominator.

In  mathematics there are 3 major types of functions.

  • Proper Fractions
  • Improper Fractions
  • Mixed Fractions

Apart from these major fractions there are 3 more types of fractions, they are:

  • Like Fractions 
  • Unlike Fractions
  • Equivalent Fractions

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More About Fractions

Basically a fraction is considered to be the ratio of two numbers where the denominator is not 0. Let us consider the fraction \(\frac{2}{3}\).

The below diagram gives us a detailed explanation of what actually a fraction is.

So the above circle is divided into 8 parts. So one part of the circle is \(\frac{1}{8}^{th}\) of the whole circle.

Types of Fractions

Proper Fraction

A fraction where the numerator is smaller than the denominator, then the fraction is said to be a proper fraction.

Numerator < Denominator.

For example 

Upon simplification the value of this fraction is less than one.

Improper Fraction

A fraction where the numerator is greater than the denominator , then the fraction is said to be an improper fraction.

        i.e      Numerator > Denominator.

For example:

Upon simplification of these fractions , the value is equal to, or greater than  ‘1’.

Mixed Fractions

A mixed fraction is basically an improper fraction. It is a combination of a natural number and fraction.

For example:   4(1/2)

  • A mixed fraction is always greater than one.
  • An improper fraction can be converted to a mixed fraction

Like Fractions

The fractions which have the same denominators are called like fractions.  For example:1/4,3/4,7/4,5/4.

The simplification of like fractions is easier as the denominators are equal.

Unlike Fractions

The fractions which have different or unequal denominators are called unlike fractions. 

For example 1/2,3/5,7/10,5/6

The simplification of unlike fractions is lengthy as we need to factorize the denominators first.

Equivalent Fractions

When two or more fractions, upon simplification, are equal to each other, then the fractions are said to be equivalent.

For example : 1/2,2/4, 4/8, 3/6, these fractions when simplified , are of the same value as 1/2.


How many types of  fractions are present?

The six kinds of fractions are, proper fractions, improper fractions, mixed fractions, like fractions, unlike fractions and equivalent fractions.

What is an improper and proper fraction?

Ans: A proper fraction is a fraction whose numerator is smaller than its denominator. An improper fraction is a fraction whose numerator is equal to or greater than its denominator.

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