JEE Advance 2021 Unique Registration Code Explained

Students who qualified for second phase Jee exam of 2020 but were unable to attend due to Covid-19 can sit for JEE Advance 2021 without first taking the JEE Main 2021 test. To begin the online application procedure, these students must get a “unique registration code.”

Jee advanced / advance unique registration code link

IIT Kharagpur, which administers the Joint Entrance Examination Advance (JEE Advance), has begun online registration for admission to IITs. This year, for the first time, the IITJEE Advance administering body has enabled applicants who qualified for JEE Advance 2020. But were unable to attend due to CoviD-19 or other reasons to sit for JEE Advance 2021. Without appearing for JEE Main 2021 test.

To begin the online application procedure, these students must get a “unique registration code.”

What is Unique registration code for JEE Advance 2021 ?

This is a one time measure for those candidates who are not able to appear for the examination. Due to Covid 19. This is a much appreciated move by the concern authority.

“Candidates who are eligible for JEE (Advance) 2021 under one-time measure must acquire the Unique Registration Code (URC),”

From JEE Advanced application website

JEE Advance Unique Registration Code link: Direct link

“The candidates who successfully registered for JEE (Advance) 2020 but were absent in both papers [Paper 1 and Paper2] of JEE (Advance) 2020 are eligible to directly register for JEE Advance registration 2021. The eligibility under this one-time measure can be verified by filling in the following fields,”

According to a statement on the jeeadv.ac.in

Details Required For Verification

  • JEE Main 2020 application number or Advanced 2020 login ID
  • JEE Advance 2020 roll number or registration number
  • Date of birth (DOB)

On Wednesday, September 15, the JEE Main 2021 result for the BTech /BE exam was released. The JEE Main 2021 cut-off for students in the General category to be eligible to apply to IITJEE Advance is 87.8992241. This year, 44 individuals who took the JEE Main BTech, or Paper 1, examinations received 100 percentile scores.

what is unique registration code ?

It is a code which enables a student to register for Jee second phase of the exam.

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