Home Forums Biology What would happen to the life of a cell if there was no golgi apparatus? Reply To: What would happen to the life of a cell if there was no golgi apparatus?


    If there was no Golgi Complex, the following things would get effected in the cell:

    Protein Processing
    Protein processing and distribution would be impaired, resulting in the accumulation of improperly folded or modified proteins in the cell. This could lead to a variety of cellular dysfunctions or even cell death.

    Lysosomes, which are responsible for breaking down cellular waste and debris, would not be formed without the Golgi apparatus. As a result, the cell would be unable to dispose of damaged or dead molecules and organelles, which could eventually lead to cell death.

    Packaging and Transporting Materials
    The Golgi apparatus is responsible for packaging and transporting materials within the cell. Without it, the cell’s ability to transport materials to the appropriate locations within the cell, as well as its ability to secrete substances outside the cell, would be severely compromised.

    Acrosome Production
    The production of acrosomes, which are necessary for the fertilization of an egg cell, would be impaired without the Golgi apparatus. This could lead to infertility in organisms that rely on acrosome production for successful reproduction.

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