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    The two peninsular rivers that flow through trough are Narmada and Tapi.


    To understand this question and its answer we need to understand the Evolution Of Peninsular Drainage.

    According to existing theories, the Sahyadri-Aravali ranges were the main water divide in the peninsular land.

    The Western Ghats were located in the middle of the peninsular landmass. forming eastern and western drainage systems.

    The western part of the Peninsular land got submerged in the Arabian Sea during the early Tertiary period which was during the formation of the Himalayas.

    During the collision of the Indian plate, the Peninsular block was subjected to submergence in a few regions creating a series of troughs.

    Narmada and Tapi occupy two of these troughs and flow towards the west, i.e the route they flow was not carved by the rivers themselves but was formed by this geological change.

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