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    Firstly, we need to answer whether acidity affects solubility or not. And Le Châtelier’s Principle clearly states that pH does affect the solubility of a compound.

    Let us take every compound given above and address them one by one.


    ZnS is an ionic compound and dissociated into Zn2+ and S2- as shown below

    ZnS ⇋ Zn2+ + S2-

    Adding an acid to the solution means adding H+ ions basically which will lead to

    2H+ + S2- ⇋ H2S

    This reaction basically decreases the amount of S2- ions which in turn increases the solubility of ZnS, So,

    1. Increases Solubility


    MgCO3 when dissolved goes through the following reaction

    MgCO3 ⇋ Mg2+ + CO32-

    Here we know that CO2-3 is a base. In water it will react as following

    CO32- + H2O ⇋ HCO3 + OH

    These two reaction will create the following equilibrium

    MgCO3 + H2O ⇋ Mg2+ + HCO3 + OH

    Making the solution more acidic means making the equilibrium towards the right which increases the solubility.

    2. Increases solubility.


    Ba(OH)2 as we know is a soluble base which dissociates as

    Ba(OH)2 ⇋ Ba2+(aq) + 2OH(aq)

    By adding acid, according to Le Châtelier’s Principle, the equilibrium will move forwards, increasing the solubility

    3. Increases solubility.


    This is similar to MgCO3. The equilibrium equation will be given by

    Ca3(PO4)2 + H2O ⇋ Ca2+ + HPO2-4 + OH

    On adding hydronium ions i.e acid, we will see increase in solubility here as well.

    4. Increases solubility.


    This will have the same result as ZnS

    NiBr2 + H+ ⇋ Ni2+ + HBr

     5. Increases solubility.


    The same reaction will happen in the compound upon the addition of H+ ions.

    CuI + H+ ⇋ Cu+ + HI

    And it will result in increased solubility.

     6. Increases solubility.

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